My favourite Autumn day

Today the sun warmed up the fields and brought the few remaining colours in the trees alive again.  We spent the day outside: soaking up the rays, exploring the park and collecting leaves, twigs and if I had let the boy lots of other things too.  After lunch, (a cheeky bacon bap), we left the fields behind us and walked around the city centre.  It had been quite a while and I love all the little art shops featuring budding artists' work, the cafés, the stationery and knic-knac shops.  All those pretty colours, I just can't resist popping in and having a look.  There's even a Cath Kidston shop now - how did I miss this?  I'm not the greatest fan of pastels but this shop was full of soft pyjamas, cute baby blankets, flower print hairpins, bags &purses, must-have tablecloths and beautiful boxes you would never actually use for anything, but they would look very pretty somewhere in the house.  They did have some funky oil cloth at the back - I need some oil cloth as we are getting a new family table in the kitchen soon - but I think I will shop around.  I like the blue/strawberry one from this online shop.

Now home, and my cheeks are glowing from the sun and wind.  Bought the first Christmas present - a wooden multi-story garage for O.  The wood burner is on and my gem of a husband is making a cottage pie, the house smells all yummy.  I think today has been my favourite day with my little family this Autumn.  I'm still enjoying it with a cup of tea and O sat playing between my feet on the rug - bliss!


* I'm looking forward to another christening in December - but I'm torn... do I make this cute toddler dress (Van Katoen) (last pattern in their shop) or a girl-version of the zoo animal basket or do you have any other suggestions?
* I'm currently working on NewLook 6026 view E, so far so good... I might even post a picture once it's finished!
* Finishing my niece's salsa skirt Burda young fashion 7910 view B, without the pockets.  It is going to be a plain back skirt made out of stretchy material (here's a test for my sewing machine and think I might need the stretch needles I got a while back).  It has to be plain as it is for her dance class, but I'm so tempted to make her a girlie frilly skirt if this one turns out to be a nice fit...

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  1. Thanks for your sweet comment! Let me know if you make the cinnamon rolls! I'm going to have to try your brussel sprouts! My girls love brussel sprouts (not my boy!) ;)

  2. Oh ik zou ook niet kunnen kiezen.
    Alle twee zo leuk!
    Maar ik vind de mand met dieren uniek!

  3. Hey, hebben ook zo'n afwasbaar tafelkleed. Onmisbaar met een peuter in huis!
    Heb ze op hiptafelzeil.nl besteld. Had niet veel keuze want we zitten met een erg brede tafel, moest zeker 1.40m breed zijn. Heb Lola Kiki Litchi op
    Maar had liefst van al ook zo'n Mexicaans motiefje!

  4. Ik kom hier via via. Leuke blog heb je. Ik vind het leuk om te lezen over mensen die de stap hebben genomen in ander land te gaan wonen. Zelf durf ik dat gewoonweg niet. ;-)


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