Summer quilting project - triangles test drive

I love the summer holidays.  There is enough time to ponder about a project.  I chose these prints several months ago and had good intentions of making a hexagon quilt.  What I really wanted to make was something a bit more dynamic like triangles.  Needless to say the hexagon flurry passed quickly and the fabric, a lovely layer cake - yes, I had treated myself! - remained on the side as a quiet reminder of an unfinished project.

So a few weeks of holiday and you realise what has happened.  Out with the hexagons, in with the triangles!  I should learn it's no good fighting these things.  Here are a few photos of what I did today.  I had a play making quarter square triangles.  I read about this little hack and just had to try it.  Be careful though, you end up with exposed biases.  My little tester coaster worked out ok.  It's ever so slightly squify; if you work with starch, then that probably would solve that problem. 

My tester coaster is a bit too large, it only needs to be four squares really.

I talk about 'coasters' because I would like to make a table runner - or something like that.  I'm always tempted with quilt blankets.  But you know what, I need some new table dressing type things.  We love having people over for dinner and our table mats are getting really tatty now.  So yeah.

Still really pleased with these fabric prints and I like the grey with it :).

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