Coasters sneak peek & half square triangles

I can't wait to have the Summer table run ready for a lovely meal with friends.  I have started the coasters, only four squares this time.  They need wadding and binding and... but here is a picture of them.  They're not perfect, but I don't mind.  For quarter square triangles with exposed biases I think they've done very well.  They are going to hold long tall glasses of chilled white wine or fruity sparkling water - gently sipped on a late lunch or during a chatty evening.  Perfect :).

I have finished making the half square triangles for the runner.  I found out about this little hack and it must have saved me a couple of hours.  No need to draw on lines, just a little bit of masking tape and off you go!

Then just cut in the middle with the rotary cutter and there you go, two *no fuss with drawing lines* half square triangles.  Also no problems with the biases.

Now, there are a lot of seams to press open before I can start sewing the runner.  Or table mats.  I need to work out what I have enough fabric for.  The maths, I kind of get too excited about a project to do the maths first.  You ought to do the maths first, I just draw little pictures...  I'd like to end up with something that will work for four people.  There is a particular design I've got in mind, but I doubt I have enough.  Maybe if I add a boarder...

 I wonder what summer projects everyone else is working on?  :)

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