Bobby's Clarabel quilt ~ nearly there!

Bobby's Clarabel quilt has been a long time in the making! Bobby chose the colours to match her newly 

painted room.  My niece hand stitched the top row and bottom row of nine patches herself  - woop! The rest was put together the Rosie gets cozy way :).  No special foot on my machine, the walking foot I've got seems to cause me more trouble than it's worth.  This is going to be an extra cosy quilt with soft, brushed flannel backing.  It's been lovely and warm sewing the binding on.  So the last stitch in the binding is done - hooray! And immediately, at 9 pm, the whole thing went in the washing machine and is now in the tumble dryer (gasp)...

Another thing worth mentioning is that I'm really pleased with this little pen I used for the label.  It has a lovely thin point, allowing you to handwrite with ease and no fading what so ever :).

On writing and dating labels... It says it was finished in February, but it's April.  So next time instead of adding one month I'll be adding two/three months to allow enough time to finish the quilt!!

Pictures of the fluffy, finished product tomorrow!

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