Bobby's Clarabel quilt ~ finished!

Here it is!
All fluffy and finished, ready to go in Bobby's new bedroom.

This morning her little cousin was happy to model.  He has been watching this quilt grow slowly.  'It has been taking a very long time.'  Yes, I know.  I like that making a quilt takes a long time.  It's not something I can throw together in a weekend.  It takes time, it grows and changes.  Life is busy, having a long project like this brings calm.  I promised myself to finish 'Clarabel' before starting a new project.  It still took months and months, even though it's not the most complicated quilt.  If anything, it's probably the most straight forward design out there, with a minimum amount of hand stitching - apart from the binding and the blocks my niece did.   Her first quilt blocks, her first quilt!  The first quilt I made way was for Owen.  I called it his big boy quilt when he moved from the cot to his 'big bed'.  That was two years ago.  I used the same techniques and love the crinkly effect.  It has been through the washing machine and the tumble drier many times and it still looks great.  If you want to have a go at making a quilt like Clarabel, then have a look at these instructions.  I now think of them as the 'posie gets cozy way'.  It's not a free pattern, but totally worth it if you are a complete beginner looking to make your first quilt.

Now.  That little pause: all finished, done.  It is a funny, good feeling.  You admire the finished result, savour the time it has taken, soak up the colours and think about what it will mean and bring to the person receiving the quilt.  I know she'll be very happy with it, lovely girl.  It will start off in her bedroom.  I wonder what will happen to it over time.  Where will it go? Will it go on camping trips?  Will it hide tears?  Will it keep her warm whilst she watches a film and eats pop-corn?  Who knows.
And then I let it go, quite quickly really.  It is a lovely feeling, that little pause which finishes with a burst of new anticipation.

New energy, freed up time, new ideas to explore and projects to make.  This afternoon I'm having a look through my fabric stash.  I fancy a bit of a challenge, summer is coming.

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  1. <3 Love your musings. (And the quilt is simply lovely! I have coziness envy.)


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