The tumbling blocks, all finished

I've enjoyed making this block!  Loving the colours and the 3D effect.

Even though that meant I had to make two extra blocks as I'd orientated the diamonds the wrong way, ruining any 3D illusion!! I considered ignoring it, walked away from it and made the two extra ones the next day... Live and learn :)

 The red, flowery fabric in the background will go on the back of the quilt.

I wanted my white/grey fabric to sew my tumbling blocks onto, but didn't have enough material.  I ended up choosing this one instead. It works ok I think.  This is the 'finished' (kind of) result, the picture isn't orientated the right way, the darkest side of the cubes will by at the top in the finished quilt.

I've got one more block to make:  (drum-roll...) the Tangled Star...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hoi, ben es komen kijken op je blog
    mooie quilt zal dit worden, met allemaal verschillend blokken.
    Heb er ook al verschillende gemaakt, maar voor het moment ben ik in de ban
    van de baby-dingen
    groetjes uit Belgie
    Mosbee (quiltvlindertje)


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