Sand Bay & wild flowers

There is some sand at Sand Bay.  I'm sure O would have appreciated us taking him to the sand, but he didn't know it was there.  Instead we left the bay behind us and walked up the steep steps to a path leading all the way 'in to the sea'.  I'm still amazed at the stamina my little man has, he's never been a 'buggy baby'.  It was a sunny and warm afternoon with an invigorating sea breeze clearing our heads.  The views just amazing, what a surprising and beautiful country this is.  At the top (or the end) we sat down for a bit, with a can of coke, just admiring the world around us.  What a way to spend a late afternoon - a mini holiday for the mind.  I love discovering these gems so near to us!

On that walk I realised I really don't know enough about the wild flowers dotted along the path and growing between the rocks in the salty air and soil.  Some are probably just weeds, but who decides on whether something is a weed or a pretty flower anyway?  I found 12 different ones.  Of those 12 I knew the name of two - Buttercups and Daisies (ahum).   Another three I've identified since:  pretty white Sea Campion, Herb Robert from the Geranium family and bright yellow Bird's Foot Trefoil.  The daisies were huge and it seems those are called Ox-eye Daisies.  I'm a bit stuck now, so let me know if you recognise any of the other ones - thanks!

1: Herb Robert  - 2:  - 3: - - 4: Buttercup

5: Sea Campion (Deadmen's Bell) - 6:  - 7:  - 8: Ox-eye Daisy

9:   - 10:  - 11: Bird's Foot Trefoil - 12:

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