Sunday knitting

I've started a little knitting project this morning, after taking a long break form it.  I've got an interesting love / hate relationship with knitting...  But when I saw the colours in this yarn it just had to be done, I love my new bamboo needles too!  It's knitting up pretty fast as the yarn is quite chunky, bonus!  I'm enjoying it so far... watching it grow, revealing its colours row by row.  

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  1. That is SO beautiful! Where did you get the yarn? I too have a love/hate relationship with knitting. : )

    1. Hi Christina - I bought the yarn from a local haberdashery. It's called Colourful Twist from Patons, you can find them back online and there are quite a few different colour mixes.

  2. Prachtige kleuren inderdaad!

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  3. Hallo!

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